EPC Projects

LiPo Technology Private Limited is most active in the Engineering Procurement and Construction Project wherein we design, analyses, construct, guide and inspect and the solar rooftop/ground mounted system that is powerfully proficient to produce supreme electricity for the respective project. Our first step for EPC project or EPC Contractor for Solar rooftop, our Solar EPC Contractors or Project manager for Solar Projects will visit at the area of plant or project and take practical action into interpretation to outline a plan. More start to develop a design take on top new technology that helps to produce best possible solar energy via solar rooftop system. Whenever the design is procured construction is started by us and entire solar rooftop/ground mounted system on the respective site and undertaking to complete in within time line.

Solar EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Contractor or Solar EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) Contractor for solar system LiPo Technology Private Limited is the Project Partner and fully responsible for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of solar plant. EPC team for solar plant give the information about including the suppliers of Solar PV Modules, Inverters and other key items of requirement and finalize the design of plant and high light the output and projection of plant to the client. A high Profile Solar EPC Team is appointed as mediator for client and our company. 

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