How Solar Works?
Steps 1- Solar panels capture the light of sun 

Solar energy comes from sun in form of light. This light is absorbed by solar cell which is made from semiconductor material. Solar cell is available in different type such as poly-crystalline, Mono crystalline, and thick thin.

Steps 2- Solar cell generate electricity

Once solar light occurs on cell, electricity is generated in cell cause solar cell energized by electrical photon from the sun light. Now electron starts to run in cell. The flow of electron can be controlled by conducting material like silver coated copper.

Steps 3- Convert the power from DC to AC

Generation in Solar panel is DC power which cannot directly use for home because our most of home appliances works on AC power. So we required to first conversion DC power to AC power. With the help of solar inverter.

Steps 4- Use electrical energy

Now you can use electrical energy. Energy can be measured by solar meter. In on-grid system net meter or bi-directional meter is used for measure imported and exported energy.

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