Why Solar?
Benefits of Solar Rooftop System

1) Clean, Green and Renewable Energy- The Sun is biggest source for renewable energy. The sun light is used for generate electrical energy. This energy is free from pollution. It reduces the footprint of carbon.
2) Sustainable Energy- Solar energy is frequently available in the world. Its low cost energy and sustainable to human.
3) Less Maintenance- There are no mechanical parts available so less maintenance required. Cleaning of solar panels is required regularly to get maximum generation.
4) Reduce your Electricity Bill- On grid tied solar system is connected with utility and home. Net meter is used for billing system. So you can reduce your electricity bill.
5) Creating New Job- It gives an opportunity to people for new job work. There is lot of way for job opportunity in solar industries.
6) Economic Growth- Solar system generates revenue for business. Solar park and EPC projects are best example. Return of investment is 5-7 years.
7) Less Electrical Loss- Electrical energy comes from power plant which is located far away from load area. So losses occur during transmission line. Rooftop solar reduces electrical losses due to install on own rooftop area.

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